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    charles Guest

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    For some reason I can&#039t get the footer portion of my asp<BR>function to behave. And I don&#039t have the first clue. Would<BR>also like to ask for volunteers in making my asp function<BR>do the [next 10] records gig. <BR>Many thanks

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    Chris Willey Guest

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    Well, I&#039m sure lots of us would love to do it. But volunteer? I&#039d volunteer to help, but not to do all the work. Any chance this might be a paid gig?

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    charles Guest

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    &#060;Any chance this might be a paid gig?><BR><BR>I&#039m so broke I can&#039t pay attention. Actually, any<BR>help via email / discussion group would be a groove.<BR>To refresh.... my footer ends up printing in the<BR>header.

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