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    Guys...<BR><BR>Is there a way to send users to a custom error page when like a 404 error occurs besides setting this in IIS..?<BR><BR>Can you do it through the global.asa..?

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    My understanding of this is that if an error occurs, on the server side, IIS is configured to redirect the request to a custom error page.<BR><BR>Now you can configure these custom error page to suit the look and feel of your web site/application.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t/can&#039;t then I would sugges making your own error.asp pages and all you need to do is send a QueryString id to your error.asp page in which you make a select case to output the proper error message.<BR><BR>Other then that, I don&#039;t know how to change these custom error pages without having to set them in IIS<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>Sincerely<BR><BR>Vlince

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