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    i&#039;m trying to display a map where if a user passes the mouse over a particular &#039;area&#039;/town, the portion of the map/image changes a new layer/image.<BR>I have 1 map image with several &#039;cut outs&#039;.<BR>has anyone done this or have any pointers.<BR>

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    ...considering that an image map is actually one image, it might prove very cumbersome to put layers (& divs) here and there to hide specific sections of the map (to simulate a rollover)<BR><BR>IMO, you have two choices : <BR><BR>1. Create several image maps and create a rollover on them.<BR>2. Create several small images and put them side to side to "simulate" an image map.<BR><BR>Personnally, I&#039;d go for #2 since it will leave you much more control over the pictures and you won&#039;t have to preload a bunch of big pictures (the image maps)<BR><BR>Stephane Dorion

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