Hi EveryBody,<BR>I am using Javascript to load the values in the multiselect option box.<BR>I am using the following statement..<BR>document.frmA_UTestCase.cboProgramI d.options[ifillP]=new Option(arrSubProgram[j].strPrg,arrSubProgram[j].strPrg);<BR><BR>Not every time, but under certain conditions this statement causes the IE Version 5.0 to crash,<BR>In Win98 machines it says that program has performed illegal operation and crashes while on a WinNT machine it gives Dr Watson<BR>Error Message.<BR><BR>i am using the following statement for emptying the combo box in a Loop.<BR>document.frmA_UTestCase.cboProgramId.opti ons[0]=null;<BR><BR>and then loading the the option box by using the above mentioned<BR>Statement.<BR>So Is there any memory issue that has to be handled..<BR>Note that the Problem exists in IE 5.0 and not in IE 5.50.<BR>Has any body faced such kind of problem before..<BR><BR>Ameet Shah<BR>