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    Default Missing Data from a GetRows

    Yup. Just as it says. I Execute a SQL statement and do a GetRows. But it&#039;s retrieving Columns 0-10, and the last one (being number 44). I did a UBOUND and it clearly called every column, 0-44. But when I go to print the data for each column (i just called one row), the data for Columns 11-43 is missing. Ummm...<BR><BR><BR>strSQL = "Select * From UserData WHERE UserName=&#039;variable&#039;"<BR>Set objGetInfo = objConn.Execute( strSQL )<BR> objColor=objGetInfo.GetRows<BR>objGetInfo.Close<BR >NumRows = UBound(objColor, 2)<BR><BR>For i = 0 to NumCols<BR> Response.Write objColor(i, 0) & "<BR>"<BR>Next &#039;i

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    Default Probably a MEMO field...

    ...in there, yes? (Or a TEXT or NTEXT field, if you are using SQL Server.)<BR><BR>GetRows can&#039;t handle really large fields. Usually, all columns past the large field (and probably including the large field) are unusable. I dunno why you are getting column 44 to give good data, but I&#039;d still bet that this is the cause.<BR><BR>If not, then show the schema (data types and names) for all 45 columns and let&#039;s see if we can make sense of it any other way.<BR><BR>

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