I am trying to recursivly fill a treeview, but every node is on the base level for some reason. I am using the insert(index, node), which I&#039;m sure has to be the problem. Does anyone know how to add nodes under other nodes? The older version of the Treeview used to allow you to specify a parent, how can I do that with .NET. Thanks in advance for any help. Here is a sample of my code.<BR><BR>public void getChildren(string parent, int index)<BR>{ <BR> string str = "";<BR> int counter = 0;<BR> int depth = index;<BR> int child_depth = index + 1;<BR><BR> TreeNode parentNode = new TreeNode();<BR> TreeNode node = new TreeNode();<BR> <BR> if(hasChildren(parent))<BR> { <BR> <BR> getKids(parent); //SQL to load dataset with children<BR> node = new TreeNode(parent);<BR> // Insert the node and find children nodes<BR> treeView1.Nodes.Insert(index,node);<BR><BR> counter = DsChildren.Tables["dataTable2"].Rows.Count;<BR> label1.Text = counter + "";<BR><BR> for(int i = 0; i &#060; counter; i++)<BR> { // Must have this so when recursion unrolls it grabs the correct data<BR> getKids(parent);<BR> str = DsChildren.Tables["dataTable2"].Rows[i][0].ToString();<BR> //find this child&#039;s children<BR> getChildren(str,child_depth);<BR> }<BR> }<BR> else<BR> { // Does not have any children so just add it to the tree<BR> node = new TreeNode(parent);<BR> treeView1.Nodes.Insert(index, node);<BR> <BR> }<BR>}