IIS4 on NT4 server, virtual directories are on an XP Pro PC. XP is set up with a generic share and the permissions are ser to Everyone with RWX. On the NT4 server the share is mapped and connects fine. In IIS I set up the virtual directory to use the share on XP that was mapped on NT and IIS can index the remote share. <BR><BR>PROBLEM: When I try to use the filesystem object to return a lit of files and folders from the virtual directory I get an invalid path error. I know this works because I have done this before using a Win98 PC and setting up shares and virtual directories like this before. I am almost certain it has something to do with XP&#039;s security even though I have simple file sharing set up and all of the firewall functionality is disabled. Any insight would be appreciated....email at nataslam@hotmail.com<BR><BR>TY