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    Is it quiker/better to have many small pages in a database instead of one large one with almost all the information. I had many small tables and i made querys of them but now when I try to update the database the information will only go to the taples and in the queries so I guess that I need to make a large table and put all info there so that I can have it printed out. Have you got any other suggestions? Btw, i&#039;m using Access database.<BR><BR>Also if I have in my database four A&#039;s, one B and three C&#039;s is it possible to order them in order of appearance when printed in the browser? For example A would be first, C the second and B the last one.

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    As far as database organization goes, it depends on what&#039;s in the db and how you&#039;re organizing it to begin with. <BR><BR>For your second question, order them by the primary key (You do have a primary key, right?), instead of the field&#039;s name those values are in.<BR><BR>"Select YourTable.* from YourTable Order by PrimaryKey"

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