I am using SA-Fileup to upload 10 pictures with the same idnumber into SQL server.<BR>I want to make a new record for each image but same idnumber for each. <BR>Im currently doing this: <BR><BR>For each item in upl.form("claimnumber")<BR><BR>set rsBlob = Server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")<BR>rsBlob.O pen "images", "driver={SQL Server};(snipped user details)<BR><BR>rsblob.Fields("claimnumber") = upl.Form("claimnumber")<BR>rsblob.Fields("regonumb er") = upl.Form("regonumber")<BR><BR><BR><BR>Filename = Mid(upl.Form(item).UserFilename, InstrRev(upl.Form(item).UserFilename, "\") + 1)<BR><BR><BR><BR>rsBlob.Fields("id") = FileName<BR>rsBlob.Fields("totalbytes") = totalbyte<BR><BR><BR>upl.Form("FILE1").SaveAsBlob rsBlob.Fields("pics")<BR>&#039upl.Form("File2").Sa veAsBlob rsBlob.Fields("pics2")<BR><BR><BR>rsBlob.Update<BR >rsBlob.Close<BR>Set rsBlob = Nothing <BR><BR>next <BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I know there is a lot or errors in the above but not sure how to make it work. <BR>Thanks in advance