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    .whatever {font-size:10px;}<BR><BR>&#060;Input type=text Disabled Class=whatever&#062;<BR><BR>In this scenario, assigning the class to the form field &#039;removes&#039; the<BR>disabled appearance of the text box - most particularly the greyed out<BR>background. I want to resize the box, or - more particularly - the text<BR>within it, but I haven&#039;t set anything to affect the backgroudn color.<BR><BR>So, how can I assign a style to a form field without overiding the disabled<BR>appearance?<BR>

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    Default Does "Disabled" work cross browser?

    I&#039;ve never used it. I would guess that it only works with IE. When I try it in IE6, the bgcolor is white with AND without the attribute. Anyway, have you tried this:<BR><BR>&#060;input type=text class="whatever" style="background-color:#cccccc;" /&#062;<BR><BR>

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