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    Hello all,<BR><BR>I am getting an error returned by the code of a chatroom I am making<BR> <BR>The error is<BR> <BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a0046&#039 <BR><BR>Permission denied <BR><BR>/MyChat/chat.asp, line 57 <BR><BR>and it refers to the line of code:<BR><BR>Set outStream = fileObject.CreateTextFile(textFile,True)<BR><BR>Do es anyone know why this error may be returning.<BR><BR>Is it because the server wont let me create a file on it?<BR><BR>It runs fine on PWS just not when I put it on an external server<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Ross<BR><BR>

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    make sure u have the permissions set on the server to allow write privelages for IUSR_&#039server machinename goes here&#039 for the directory u want to create your file in.<BR>

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