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    Is there a way to show and hide a forms visibility? Can you jsut say...<BR><BR>document.forms["SelectForm"].Branch.visibility = false;<BR><BR>I get an error, so im not sure if I have the right syntax or if its even possible. I figured this would be easier insead of putting it on a DIV tag then hiding the div instead. Any ideas?

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    Default Crossbrowser?

    If you want this to work with NS 4.x, the *only* thing you can do is show/hide an entire &#060;FORM&#062;. You can&#039;t muck with individual fields.<BR><BR>If this is for inTRAnet, and you can restrict to MSIE 5+ only, then there are many ways.<BR><BR>Check out the docs:<BR><BR><BR>Click on "HTML Elements"<BR><BR>Click on the type of field you are interested in (e.g., "&#060;input type=text&#062;")<BR><BR>Look at both the "Attributes/Properties" for the field type as well as the "Styles" for that type.<BR><BR>[Hint: You&#039;ll find "visibility" under "styles".]<BR><BR>[Second hint: You don&#039;t use true/false.]<BR>

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