I am calling a dll written in VB from an ASP page. Why do keep gettiing this error when everything seems to be alright?<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Invalid procedure call or argument (0x800A0005)<BR>Invalid procedure call or argument<BR>/bea/srch.asp, line 137<BR><BR>Here is the call from ASP:<BR>Set objSrch = Server.CreateObject("prjSrch.clsSrch") <BR>Call objSrch.SrchVal(FormData,arrValAdded,NUMPERPAGE,Cu rPage)<BR><BR>P.S.: A very similar procedure in the same Dll is working fine. But this other sub is giving me this error. I am using an XP machine with IIS 5.0 on it.<BR><BR>Thanks!!!<BR>