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    How do I open a program on the customer's machine with a link? If I type it in the address box (i.e. C:XXXxyz.mde) the program loads fine, but I want a link on a web page so the client can click on the link and the program (already on the client's computer) will open. I tried the <meta HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"CONTENT="0 ;URL=file:///C:/XXX/xyz.mde"> tag but this is not acceptable (also when I tried the refresh idea I got an error message when the xyz.mde program was loading I didn't have permission to write to a log file the xyz.mde program uses). Again when I type "C:/XXX/xyz.mde" in my browser URL everything works. How do I get a link to do this?

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    well, generally you don't, since it's a security risk.

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