I have an input box that when keyed into scrolls through a list of records in a select box matching the closest match, ie keyforward. So for example as you key M the highlighted line in the select box moves the the first row starting with M then if you key an I it moves to the first row starting with MI and so on. This works fine except that the highlighted in is always the last visible line in the select box (ie if the select box displays 10 rows then the hightlighted line is row 10). I would like to move this highlighted row upto the top so that the 9 rows underneath it are visible. So if the user is looking for MIRK they will more than likely see this row after keying in MI.<BR><BR>So what I am really asking is..<BR><BR>Is there a way that I can make the selected row (highlighted by using the selectedIndex property) be at the top of the select box OR can I use javascript to adjust the scrollbar attached to the select box to automatically scroll it down 9 rows ??<BR>