Getting value from stuff you don&#039;t own is a compelling <BR>idea. Just think, someone else has created something <BR>that has value, and has made it available to you. You <BR>can now leverage its value in ways that makes all <BR>parties richer. That&#039;s the promise of web services. <BR><BR>You need to know about web services. The advent of <BR>standards-based web services marks a new era of <BR>system development. First mainframe, then client-server, <BR>the Web, now web services makes it possible to leverage <BR>every legacy system of the past and do so much more <BR>with your information assets. <BR><BR>Architag Press, a division of Architag International <BR>Corporation, announces the publication of Web Services <BR>Implementation Guide, Volume 1: Getting Started, by <BR>Brian E. Travis and Mae Ozkan.<BR><BR>Sample chapters of the book is available at <BR><BR><BR>This book will show you what a web service is, and <BR>how you can align your internal systems and external <BR>trading partner interactions to take advantage of this <BR>new concept in system integration. <BR><BR>You will learn about the "Three Steps to Web Services": <BR><BR> * Automate internal systems <BR> * Determine integration points <BR> * Expose integration points as web services <BR><BR>This book is for systems architects, developers, <BR>and I.T. decision makers. <BR><BR>Highlights in this book: <BR><BR> * Written in a light, entertaining style. <BR> * Emphasis on architectural design for web services. <BR> * A tutorial on the state of web services standards. <BR> * Plenty of real-life examples of web service use. <BR> * Tutorials on the key technologies: XML, SOAP, <BR> WSDL and UDDI. <BR> * Code samples of key XML-based web services <BR> technologies and extensions. <BR> * Companion Web site with all code samples and <BR> late-breaking information. <BR>----<BR>Download sample chapters of Web Services Implementation <BR>Guide at<BR>Stanford Powers, Publisher Architag International Corp<BR>Phone: 866-898-0001 Outside US: +1-303-426-3126<BR>Email: Fax: 720-294-1396<BR>