i posted this on the asp.net forum, but am x-posting it here because i noticed that people who posted there over an hour ago havent even gotten a single response yet.<BR><BR>here is my problem:<BR><BR>i am testing an asp.net application on a remote web server owned by my web hosting service. it is a w2k server, but i am using win98 on my local machine here, so i cant debug the app on my local machine. instead, i need to debug it over the web. <BR><BR>unfortunately, the application will not load and will not give me any information about what the actual error is. what i do get is a page that tells me how to reset my web.config file to enable error reporting over the web. but the problem is that i have made the appropriate changes to my web.config file, and i am still unable to get any information on the error. <BR><BR>can anyone explain to me how to fix this problem? <BR><BR>the code i have in my web.config file for this issue is: <BR>----------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>&#060;system.web&#062; <BR> &#060;customErrors mode="Off"/&#062; <BR>&#060;/system.web&#062; <BR>----------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>this seems to be the right code. what else can i change? is it possible that the settings in my web.config file are being over-ridden by a setting at higher level in my web host&#039;s directory? that seems counter-intuitive to me. it would seem that a local web.config file in my own application would have precedence <BR><BR>what else could be causing the problem, an how can i get past this?