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    Please bear with me, I'm new at this... I have built a site where the user must log in with a user name and password, and I am building another section where the user can enter in a serial number which will be matched with the user name already enterred. I am saving the user name in a session object but I can't match it because a new session starts when the page to enter a serial number is accessed. All the pages are in the same directory. Why is a new session starting since I am using the same browser instance? Thanx.

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    You say that all the pages are in the same virtual dir?<BR>Are you sure that it is starting a new session?<BR>response.write the sessions in each page , to see if they have data.<BR><BR>for each x in Session.Contents<BR> response.write "<BR>x(" & x & ")=" & Session(x)<BR>next<BR>

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