Hi there!! <BR><BR>Hope someone will be able to help me!<BR><BR>I wrote a ASP program that have to make queries in a Oracle DB. The <BR>problem is that it seems that ODBC can&#039;t close the connection. <BR><BR>Ref:<BR><BR>-----<BR>Dim ConnOracle<BR>Dim Rs<BR>Dim Sql<BR><BR>Set ConnOracle = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>ConnOra cle.Open "OracleDB", "Login", "Password"<BR><BR>Set Rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>Rs.Curso rLocation = 3<BR><BR>Sql = "SELECT * FROM TEST"<BR>Rs.Open (sql), 3, 3<BR><BR>.....<BR><BR>Rs.Close<BR>ConnOracle.Close <BR><BR>Set Rs = nothing<BR>Set ConnOracle = nothing<BR><BR>-----<BR><BR>I passed the last 3 days to make tests and found that:<BR><BR>Prob #1) Many people have access to my server here, so when someone is <BR>using an ASP page with relations to Oracle, no one else can access Oracle <BR>at the same time (via ASP). When you load the page that the other is <BR>using, you load nothing for hours and see a white empty browser. Everytime <BR>someone make a query to Oracle via one page, every Oracle related pages <BR>that all the other users are trying to access are doing this.<BR><BR>Prob #2) The connections are not closing.. Exemple.. If I open my browser, <BR>log into my website (Intranet) and open a page that need to use Oracle, it <BR>opens a connection to it... if I open a DOS WINDOWS and type:<BR><BR>"netstat -an" I got this, it tells me that I have one connection open on <BR>port 1521 (oracle)... so first of all, why it&#039;s OPEN and not TIME_WAIT or <BR>CLOSING?! I used ConnOracle.Close and my pooling is set for 5 seconds <BR>only!!! But that&#039;s not all... check it out: If I open another browser and <BR>access the same page, I got 2 open connection (netstat) at port 1521. And <BR>goes on.. and it stay like this for hours.<BR><BR>So please, try to help me here!!!<BR><BR>Thanx a lot!<BR><BR>