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    threads and processors .. how they work for ASP application and also a general idea about what these are and how they impact our application.<BR><BR>your help is highly appreciated.

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    The Web server (IIS) is a process.<BR><BR>It loads the ASP DLL (into the same process, of course).<BR><BR>The ASP DLL loads the VBScript and/or JScript DLLs (still in the same process).<BR><BR>Your VBS code, when it invokes an ActiveX component, causes other DLLs to be loaded (yep, still same process).<BR><BR>Each ASP page, on the other hand, executes in its own thread. But there are only so many threads available (10 to 20), so if all of them are "in use" a user may wait until one becomes available. (The limited number of threads is on purpose; the OS begins to "thrash" if you have too many active. "Too many" is kind of an empiricial number, not something well defined.)<BR><BR>Since the ASP page operates in a single thread, any ActiveX code (*including* the builtin objects, Response, Request, etc.) that it invokes must run in that same thread. <BR><BR>

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