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    can you only request values from the querystring at certain times? Here is my situation I have a start page that after some data comes in redirects the user using Response.Redirect. The page is used for several different forwards so i send the URL for the next page in the querystring. Now I can see that it&#039;s there because the querystring is there. <BR><BR>It says: "nametagStart.asp?URL=Nametags.asp" as the name of my current page, but when I do a Request.Querystring("URL") it returns nothing. I am Requesting the string just before I do the redirect. I actualy was doing them all in one but i pulled it out so I could do some Response.Write testing.<BR><BR>Can anyone figure out why it is doing this? Do I need to request the variable earlier? Like on page load? Or before a database write?

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    could you provide more information? What do you put in the query string? You do a request.QueryString when a page is loading, and that is the only time it shall execute. After that it&#039;s value is set. So if you open up a new asp page, you would write nametag = Request.QueryString("string").<BR><BR>Am I getting to what your question is?

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