Recordset Paging and simultanious Form submission

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Thread: Recordset Paging and simultanious Form submission

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    Hi,<BR>I am currently developing an online quiz that has all the questions and question options in a DB. <BR><BR>Each question has a totalScore and each option has a ratingScore. <BR><BR>I display 1 question per page. <BR><BR>All the options for that question are displayed via a filtered recordset that is nested on the page. This is fine and I can page through all the records in the DB without a problem. <BR><BR>The recordsets are enclosed inside a form which will pass the questionID, the optionID and the ratingScore, store them in a string array and score them at the end of the quiz. <BR>My methodology is that after answering the question they submit the form appending the new values. <BR><BR>The problem I am facing is that I can either page through the recordset or submit a form but not both. <BR>Can a form button also page through the recordset? What would the form action be? Should I use a post or get method? Am I approaching this incorrectly? <BR><BR>Any explanations or advice as to a methodology or process to assist in getting my head around it will be much appreciated.<BR>Thank you<BR>-brad-

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    I&#039;m trying to visualize what you&#039;re saying here. So you have the DB all set up so it goes through the questions fine and puts out the right options - that&#039;s set, we dont&#039; worry about that. Where you go bad is going from one question to the next? If you had one form do it, you could set the action to be itself. Store an array of questionIDs optionIDs and a hidden rating score... Then have a index variable that would tell which element in the array to access, and use hidden inputs to retain their score. I&#039;m dont&#039; want to go off on a tangent if this is not your matter though. Please tell me if I understand you correctly.<BR>

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