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Thread: global variables in JavaScript?

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    Default global variables in JavaScript?

    Is it possible to have application, or global, variables in JavaScript? I want to post a page to a free web-site, but they don't accept asp pages, and I have application variables in my page. Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    Assuming you mean client-side (in the browser) JS, nope.<BR><BR>It&#039;s part of the nature of HTTP. Once a page has been sent from the server to the browser, the server forgets all about the browser. The browser forgets all about the server.<BR><BR>Each HTML page is completely independent. <BR><BR>Without some kind of server side processing, the best you could do would be to use Cookies. But those are per-user, not per-application, so they aren&#039;t "global" in the way that application variables are.<BR><BR>

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