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    Hi,<BR> I&#039;m trying to retrieve a recordset "objRS" from a Navision database which has a weird native date format { d &#039;YYYY-MM-DD&#039; } . So I have to query as follows:<BR><BR>set objRS = objConn.Execute("SELECT No_ FROM Delivery_Order WHERE (Available_Date = { d &#039;" & dateYYYY & "-" & dateMM & "-" & dateDD & "&#039; })")<BR><BR>But for this, I&#039;m getting the error as follows - <BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)<BR>[Navision Software a/s][Navision Financials ODBC Driver]<BR>Expected lexical element not found: )<BR><BR>Can somebody point out where I&#039;m missing something? It&#039;d be a big help! I&#039;m stuck here!<BR>THANKS!!

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    Default If I were you, I would

    check the product support area on the Navision web site.<BR><BR>but thats only if I were you ; )

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