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    How do I connect to an AS/400 database through an ASP page? I'm attempting to access the physical file and have tried setting up a DSN but I have been unsuccessful.

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    Default Connection String Heaven

    Check this site:<BR>

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    Default Well first let me ask

    I&#039;m assuming you are connecting to a DB2 database since you didn&#039;t mention it ; )<BR><BR>So do you have any ODBC drivers installed on your webserver or workstation where you are doing the connection? Like maybe IBM&#039;s DB2 Connect software (its comes standard with DB2/UDB Enterprise Edition and you can download a free trial from IBM&#039;s website).<BR><BR>The standard drivers installed with MDAC will not give you the ability to connect here.<BR><BR>If you are all set on that end, then let me know which drivers you are using.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete<BR><BR>

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