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    Need a tip on how to create a progressive search on a record set within the option method. (best example-combo box in MS Access)<BR>What say I typed "m" and it went to &#039;mar&#039;, then what say I wanted to contine to spell out &#039;mar&#039; but when I type "a" it jumps to &#039;apr&#039;<BR>example of the problem <BR>select name=month<BR> option selected value=jan <BR> option value=feb <BR> option value=mar<BR> option value=apr<BR> option value=may<BR> option value=jun

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    Default Very tough cross-browser...

    The HTML standard says that &#060;SELECT&#062;s work differently than that.<BR><BR>Try it on, for example, or sometime, in one of the &#060;SELECT&#062;s they use for choosing dates.<BR><BR>Even these big companies follow the HTML standard: Hit "M" once to get to first &#060;OPTION&#062; starting with "M". Hit "M" again to get to secone &#060;OPTION&#062; starting with "M". etc.<BR><BR>So, to get to May, you would hit "M" twice, instead of typing "MAY". <BR><BR>Most people who use HTML daily are used to this way of working and might even be confused if you changed to the (admittedly more superior) VB way of doing things. <BR><BR>Anyway, to make it work you have to learn to capture keystrokes in a cross-browser way and do the right operation with them and...<BR><BR>If you still want to tackle it, see if has something in the JavaScript FAQ.<BR><BR>

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