Isn't .net stateless????

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Thread: Isn't .net stateless????

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    Default Isn't .net stateless????

    Why is it that when I post back a page...after selecting items from a dropdown list, it will display the form ok...but the items are still selected in the ListBoxes??? How do I clear them with each page?

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    Default ViewState

    sounds like you are using ViewState to hold your form name value pairs and your listbox is set to runat=server. <BR><BR>The .SelectedIndex property is what you&#039;d need to reset<BR><BR> DropDownList1.SelectedIndex = 1<BR>

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    Default RE: EnableViewState is a solution

    if u don&#039;t want to make the dropdownList to keep it state<BR>u can set "EnableViewState" property to false in the declaration of the tag:<BR><BR>EnableViewState="False"

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