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    heres a post i posted earlier when it was quieter, if anyone else could help id appreciate it more than u could imagine<BR>thanks<BR><BR>hi <BR>im totally new to asp (in fact ive never used it) <BR>i need to create a website in which a person who has paid the correct amount can then be let into a members area where they will recieve information not available to non members. <BR>the site i am trying to create is very very similar to <BR> <BR><BR>im not even sure if asp is the correct way to go about this but any help would be very appreciated <BR>thankyou in advnace <BR>steven <BR><BR>I GOT THIS REPLY<BR> <BR>create a login page with textboxes, check what the user types in for their username and password against a database, and if it matches, let them see the pages. Be sure to put a check at the top of each secure page for authentication: <BR>if Session("Authenticated") then... <BR>that way, if a user types in the pagename into the addressbar, then will get an error, or get bounced back to the login page. whatever u wanna do. <BR>Have you given thought as to how you&#039;re going to manage people who pay? You might consider a database table for paid subscribers to check the login against. <BR>~~Chaotix <BR> <BR>I REPLIED<BR><BR>what im going to do is have the usernames and passwords as just a random bit of text <BR>eg <BR>name : garden <BR>pass: hgngj <BR><BR>i havent really got much of a clue as to what to do next. <BR>a database sounds good. as i said, im a real beginner with this and wouldnt really know where to start, could you give me any more tips? <BR>most of what you said sounds exactly how i want it, i just dont know how to implement it <BR>ive been using dreamweaver mx and found the actual tool which you create log ins with but i dont know how to create the lists of user names/passwords that would be accepted and how to link them in with dreamweaver.<BR>thanks <BR> <BR>basically, the site is exactly what i want. if anyone can help me id be very very grateful as i have to meet the boss in 12 hours<BR>thanks<BR>ste<BR>

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    To start off, I suggest reading this article:<BR><BR><BR><BR>12 hours isn&#039;t a lot of time for someone who&#039;s never done this before. You might need to tell your boss that you just need more time.<BR><BR>good luck!

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