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    I'm sort of new to, having only played with and tested it for the heck of it until now. I'm now doing our first official project for a client in, and there is a part of this project where there is a two page sign up. It has to be two pages, because the options that are displayed on the page 2 depend on the items chosen on page 1. This isn't the problem, as I'm using <asp:Panel 's to hide and show relevant fields in the Page_Load sub routine on page 2. However, I can't think of a way to transfer the data from page 1 to page 2, and have page 2 submit to a Sub routine in it's own header while still posessing the values from page 1. In old ASP, I would have just set the values of a hidden field equal to the values from the first page, but this ain't good ol' ASP. Anyeone come accross a similar set of problems? Another thing, the second page has to be a dynamic form (runat=server in other words), because it uploads a file in this step, and I've never seen an example of uploading a file that uses old-school style and submits to another script in

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    I haven&#039;t worked with panels myself but you should be able to write the stuff you need into the viewState. Like<BR>viewState("customer_name") = tbxCustomerName.Text Then just look in the view state on your second page.

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