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    I am running NT 4.0 Workstation and using ASP to call an Active X component written in VB 5 that reads from an Access table. The problem I&#039m having is releasing the object after the web page has called it and then done its "set object = nothing." After I run the web page I cannot make a new DLL. (From VB, make a change, save and then try to make the DLL.) I get "permission denied" error. Only way to prevent this is to reboot the PC! Also, after I run the web page, go back to where I was previous, call the component again the web page locks up. Again, the only solution is to reboot the PC. (For both, I&#039ve tried stopping the web server and restarting. I&#039ve shut down the browser and reopened it. I&#039ve also tried logging off as Administrator and logging back on. I actually have to restart to unload the DLL.)<BR><BR>On a related newsgroup someone said the solution to this problem is to go into Microsoft Management Console, go to the Home Directory (for either the application name or the web server name, I&#039m unsure of which), select "Run in separate memory space", click okay and save all the way out. When I try to do this and then go back to the Home Directory tab from where I just clicked it the checkbox is always unchecked. You would think that MMC would tell you as soon as you try to check it that there is something wrong.<BR><BR>I&#039ve reinstalled Peer Web Services and reinstalled from Option Pack 4. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Scott Loughrey<BR>scottL@maxinter.net

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    My opinion is to grab a copy of Win2000 and implement it ASAP. By default, Win2000 unloads all ActiveX dll&#039s, which serves as a tremendous benefit in many scenarios. I don&#039t know if I would implement a beta, but my x386 copy works wonders.. :)

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    There&#039s actually a good article here at 4guys that can help. For some reason, stopping IIS from the console doesn&#039t work. You need to do it from DOS. Just follow the instructions on this page. BTW... you can restart it from the console, you just can&#039t stop it from there to make it release the dll.<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/042499-1.shtml

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    Create a batch File : I use it allot <BR><BR>like this:<BR><BR>cls<BR>net start w3svc<BR>pause<BR><BR>Do the same thing with Net Stop w3svc<BR>add the pause so you will no if you get an error or it didn&#039t <BR>work successfully.

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