How can one set a column to display related data in a datagrid when creating the datagrid within the render method of a custom control? All examples that I can find show how to do it within the ASPX code. I&#039;ve set up the dataset with all the proper relations but can&#039;t find out how to do this.<BR><BR>I.e. the datagrid now displays: <BR><BR>parentID childID<BR><BR>instead of<BR><BR>parentID fieldFromRelatedTable<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>This is my code so far:<BR>Dim dvTest As DataView = [I get the dataview from the dataset here]<BR>Dim dgTest As New DataGrid()<BR>With dgTest<BR>&#039;fSetColumn: _colNew, _strHeader, _strDataField, _strFormat<BR>.AutoGenerateColumns = False<BR>.Columns.Add(fSetColumn(New BoundColumn(), "ID", "bigAccountId", ""))<BR>.Columns.Add(fSetColumn(New BoundColumn(), "Submitted", "dtmStatusChange", "{0:D}"))<BR>.Columns.Add(fSetColumn(New BoundColumn(), "Applicant", "bigDebtorId", ""))<BR>&#039;NOTE: This is where I&#039;d need to have the Debtor&#039;s name instead of Id<BR><BR>.DataSource = dvTest.DataViewManager.DataViewSettings<BR>.DataBi nd()<BR>.DataKeyField = "bigAccountId"<BR>.ID = "dgTest"<BR>Me.Controls.Add(dgTest)<BR>.RenderCont rol(writer)<BR>End With