hi,<BR><BR>Using Visual Studio.net to connect to an mssql database on my local machine, the same machine that Visual Studio is on and I&#039;m getting a &#039;login failed for user *****/*****&#039; failure.<BR><BR>Has anyone had any experience of this. my connection string is &#039;server=&#039;localhost&#039;;database=&#039; pubs&#039;;Trusted_Connection=yes;&#039; and is syntatically correct as others at my place of work have no problem with the same connection string. I&#039;m wondering if its anything to do with the user I was logged in as on win2K when I installed VS and assosciated products. I was not Administrator, but a was a user with administrative priviledges.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be incredibly welcome. Spent a day on this already. Can&#039;t find any installation docs that mention needing to be logged in as administrator etc. when installing.<BR><BR>Thanks