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    The number of (and headings for) columns in the temp table that I am building in a T-SQL stored procedure is not known until I have interrogated the data. If there are 15 months worth of data then there will be 15 columns etc. Is it possible to build a CREATE TABLE definition that uses @variables as field names?

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    Default Not quite...

    You can&#039;t use variables for column names in a CREATE TABLE statement. I do have a couple of suggestions, though. <BR><BR>1. Go ahead and designt he temp table to have the maximum number of columns possible for your usage. So if there are 20 months possible, make 20 columns. Then just use however many you need. Make the names simple like Month1, Month2, etc.<BR><BR>2. Perhaps you don&#039;t need such a temp table. Maybe you just need to GROUP BY periods of time from other results. Just a thought (in case the number of months could be large).

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