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    Can you use request.form in a user control (ASCX) file?<BR><BR>I have made a simple example one where I have an &#060;asp:dropdownlist&#062;<BR><BR>and then have a button which onclick shows the selected value from the list in an &#060;asp:label&#062;<BR><BR>This works in an ASPX but not an ASCX<BR><BR>is that the expected behaviour and if so why?

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    You&#039;re not supposed to reference server side controls using Request.Form anymore. The dot net way is to use MyDropDownList.SelectedItem.Value<BR><BR>If you are putting the dropdown in a user control, you need to make a Public Property that you can reference outside the Control.<BR><BR>Public ReadOnly Property SelectedItemValue As String<BR> Get<BR> Return MyDropDownList.SelectedItem.Value<BR> End Get<BR>End Property<BR><BR><BR>From the aspx page:<BR>Response.Write("You selected: ")<BR>Response.Write(MyUserControl.SelectedItemVal ue)

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