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    Hi,<BR>Is it possible to use asp to redirect to another script and send variables in the POST method? I want to do this without writing any HTML.. Is it possible? Thanks - Trevor

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    your data needs to travel through a form field...hidden or not. you&#039;ll need to render the form field as HTML, or have script render the html that renders the form field...<BR><BR>either;re writing HTML.<BR><BR>Alternatively, you could store your data in a session cookie which could be written in script with no HTML.

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    Default Kind of a Hack, but

    You can post a form using the MSXML component. Then when you get the response, you can store the results as a string. Then just Response.Write the string.<BR><BR>If all you want to do is just save yourself some typing, it wouldn&#039;t be worth it.

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