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    I&#039;m trying to allow a user to enter the path of a file into a textbox named "path" and copy it to a specified folder on the server. It&#039;s saying invalid procedure call for this code...I&#039;m not familiar with file system objects too much. Can someone point me in the right direction?<BR><BR>set objFSO= Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR>objFSO.CopyFile request.form("path"),"E:InetPubwwwRootKyleNewslett erdocs", true<BR><BR>This is the way that Sams Active Server Pages 3.0 says to do it but it&#039;s not working. I dont know if I have to use the GetFile method first but I tried that as well and couldnt get it to work.

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    looks OK, but check the FSO docs available in the windows scripting documentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting/<BR><BR>I&#039;m sending you to it because everyone needs these docs.

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