Hi!<BR><BR>I would like to receive a bit of your help, in a programming question with ASP and Index Server...<BR><BR>This is my scenario:<BR>I have a MS-Access&#039; table with 500,000 or more records (because it increases daily)<BR><BR>The table has fields like these:<BR>ID<BR>Path<BR>Section<BR>Date_range<BR>< BR>Now, I need to make a query with certain conditions (built in an ASP page, dinamically) and I have an aditional field in my ASP Page called: ID_WORDS,<BR><BR>so, we have for example:<BR><BR>SELECT ID, PATH, SECTION<BR>from FILES_TABLE<BR>where date_range &#060;= the TODAY date.<BR><BR>now, I have this Result Set (from the query), with all the records that match this criteria, <BR>then I need To Search among ALL the files (PATH field) that I&#039;ve gotten, but using the Index Server, SEARCHING for those files that have the words that I wrote in the ASP page (ID_WORDS field).<BR><BR>The point here is that:<BR>I DO NOT WANT to do a FOR or a While loop and compare one by one of the results, I mean: one file from the index server versus one file pointed by the result set until the end of the result set.<BR><BR>The question here is:<BR>Is there any other way to do it?<BR><BR>Can I make a relationship between the PATH field from the table and the PATH property of the Index Server??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>JL