I am using Microsoft webcontrols. Specifically the tabstrip control with mutipage and pageview controls.<BR>So, I have one page with 5 tabs. One of the tabs is for searching and returning a resultset. The problem I have is that <BR>when I click the Search button , which is on the search tab, validation on the other tabs is executed. Well, I do not want to validate while I am conducting a search. Since everything is on one page, validation for all controls on all tabs are executed.<BR>Is there a way to stop validation when I am inside the seach tab?<BR>I tried tab.selectedindex = 5 then turn off validation but that did not work since the validation settings has already been set during the page load event which forces the app to validate before the post event is exeuted during the click of the search button. The only thing I can see is to validate the controls the old ASP way, but I would like to save a lot of time by using the validator classes.