Detecting if a date has passed.

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Thread: Detecting if a date has passed.

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    Default Detecting if a date has passed.

    I am having a big big problem with a website I am working trying to detect if a date that a user enters has already passed.. i.e. check it against the current date.<BR><BR>I am using &#060;% if Request("dateentered") &#060; Date() then do something end if %&#062;<BR><BR>I have tried formatting into numerous formats i.e LongDate tried it with hashes around the string etc etc.. But it is still getting it wrong.. It&#039;s as if it&#039;s only checking the day part of the date...<BR><BR>Am I doing something wrong??<BR><BR>Any help gratefully received...<BR><BR>

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    Default Try Cdate(Request("dateentered")) <eop>


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