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    Default Access Database - READ ONLY???

    I&#039;m trying to insert new rows into a microsoft access db. The database is located in the web directory and uses a connection string to connect to the db directly, not through a DSN.<BR><BR>I get the following error when trying to insert a new row using iether rs.AddNew or conn.Execute:<BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80040E09)<BR>Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.<BR>/bbso/processor.asp, line 122<BR><BR>I checked the db file and it&#039;s not read-only. Any ideas? I&#039;ve played with the locks, cursors, and nothing has worked.<BR><BR><BR>brian

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    Default permission denied

    Check the permissions on the file<BR><BR>;en-us;Q209050

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    Default You checked the file. Did you check

    the permissions on the directory the file resides in ? Also your database should reside outside of your web directory. If it&#039;s in the web directory it could be downloaded:<BR><BR>

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