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    i have two database on the same server. <BR>named OMS_SERVER and OMS_ARCHIVE<BR><BR>i get error *Invalid object name &#039;OMS_ARCHIVE.dbo.tblTrendData&#039;* if i run foll. query in *OMS_SERVER* database. <BR><BR>SELECT * FROM OMS_ARCHIVE.dbo.tblTrendData<BR><BR>The table does exist in OMS_ARCHIVE database. <BR><BR>this type of query which selects some objects in some other database on the same server is perfectly valid but don&#039;t know what&#039;s happening in this case. <BR><BR>any clues ? please do help. SQL SERVER 7 <BR><BR>thanks in advance . mils

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    Default your missing the DB name

    SERVER.DATABASENAME.OWNER.TABLE<BR><BR>Select * FROM OMS_ARCHIVE.databasename.dbo.tblTrendData

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