I have searched through dozens and dozens of CDONTS related problems, many of which related to E-Mails, sent by CDONTS, never arriving. In these situations, no code was altered and it worked fine for months prior. Then all of sudden it just stops sending the e-mails... sometimes they&#039re received hours, days and sometimes a couple weeks later... OR not at all.<BR><BR>Since so many people seem to have the same problem with CDONTS working fine one moment and then suddenly stopping, there must be someone out there who knows why this occurs, how to fix it, and how to keep it from happening.<BR><BR>Is this just an inherant drawback of using CDONTS or is there something actually going on that if prevented, removed, uninstalled, or whatever, could keep CDONTS running smoothly without these gross interruptions of service?<BR><BR>Please help... This could definitely be an article or an FAQ or something cuz this happens to a lot people, and I&#039ve found no definitive answer.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Stacey