Are forms REALLY secure under SSL???

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Thread: Are forms REALLY secure under SSL???

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    Default Are forms REALLY secure under SSL???

    I have seen many pages running a web page form, with the results being passed to a formmail script.<BR><BR>Example:<BR>&#060;form action=""&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" value="mastercard 5191 2399 2222 xxxx"&#062;<BR><BR>but is this REALLY secure? I can see variables being passed to the server under this SSL session, and I think that would be secure. Correct???<BR><BR>Now then, once it hits the server and the form mail actually SENDS the data to the mail account, I am assuming it is no longer secure right? This is the $1,000,000 question. If my mail account resides on another server, and I have the form mail send it there, SSL won&#039t do anything will it?<BR><BR>Help?!

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    correct...<BR>SSL encrypts the data transferred from client to server, and that&#039s it.<BR><BR>The page submitting the form and the receiving page both need to be on the same ssl cert.<BR><BR>What happens when the cc number reaches the server is anybody&#039s guess. I&#039ve worked in ecommerce enviroments where any bozo on the LAN could access a database with cc numbers.<BR><BR>Go figure...<BR>

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