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    sorry if this question does not apply here.. I think it does.. but if it does not i am sorry..<BR><BR>well I have made one e-commerce site and upon looking at it one small company wants me to build a site for them, the problem is they have nothing.. meaning from scratch down no domain names no database.. basically from scratch<BR>I know i can find sites to register domain names.. but in terms of database and server stuff.. how do i get started? basically i need to tell them this is what you need before i can build the site... i am sorry if i am not explaining my self right..

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    Find a host that supplies the kind of stuff you need. The database (Access? MySQL? SQL Server?) that you want, based on the volume of biz this site will do.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t get confused between where you buy your domain name and the host. Most hosts charge $30 to $50 a year to register the domain name for you. You can do it on your own for $9 to $15, easily. Look around. (I use at $15 per year, but there are even cheaper ones.)<BR><BR>Personally, I would *NOT* start from scratch, if I were you. There are *MANY* decent ecommerce "starter kits" out there for very little money. And some hosts will even give you one as part of the hosting package; you just configure all the pretty catalog pictures, etc., and you are done.<BR><BR><BR>

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