merging html template with dynamic content (FSO)

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Thread: merging html template with dynamic content (FSO)

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    Default merging html template with dynamic content (FSO)

    overview: <BR>COM object grabs html template and merges database created content into the template file. The object replaces %%content%% with the actual database content. <BR><BR>Seems easy enough but the problem is, somehow "."&#039;s go missing from the HTML template file even tho nothing is being done to that section of code. <BR>For example, the template has a line : <BR><BR>&#060;img src="http://server/image.gif"&#062; <BR><BR>After the merge, the line gets changed to: <BR><BR>&#060;img src="http://server/imagegif"&#062; <BR><BR>The same thing happens on some href tags as well. &#060;a href=""&#062; becomes &#060;a href=""&#062; <BR><BR>I don&#039;t even know where to start.

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    Default HTF do we know what your COM object does?

    If it&#039;s a custom component, anything goes really. No way anyone in here will know what your programmer is doing.<BR><BR>Maybe he&#039;s messing up with a replace? Who knows. Best bet is to contact him (I&#039;m assuming it&#039;s a custom object from your workplace)

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