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    How do I code it so that <BR><BR>any version of IE below 5.5 and NS below 6 <BR><BR>would be redirected to the Microsoft or NS sites?

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    Default javascript

    var expTestVersion = /[sw(;.]*MSIEs(d*.?d*)[sw);.]*/gi; <BR>var getBrowserVersion = navigator.appVersion; <BR>var reportBrowserVersion = getBrowserVersion.replace(expTestVersion, "$1");<BR>if (navigator.appName == &#039;Netscape&#039; &#124&#124 reportBrowserVersion &#060; &#039;5.5&#039;) {<BR> alert("Sorry, you must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or later in order to view this page.");<BR> location.href = &#039;main.asp&#039;;<BR>}<BR>I&#039;m sure you can monkey with the code to make it suite your needs...<BR>~~Chaotix

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