hey everyone,<BR>had 2 quick questions, i am using the persist asp emailer to send a form to my manager after it is filled out. of course just getting it to work is not good enough, he would like it to be formatted is there a way to do this? (i.e. bold, italic, centering, etc.?) because when the form is emailed you can read it but it looks sloppy. ideally, i would just like to send the form in html format, is there a way to do this?? someone told me there was a way to do text=html or something similar but i have not gotten it to work yet. here is the code i am using, (with an inc. file of course)<BR><BR>PAGE=REQUEST.FORM("MODE")<BR>sNAMEF ROM=REQUEST.FORM("$NameFrom$")<BR>sFROM=REQUEST.FO RM("$mailfrom$")<BR>sNAMETO=""<BR>sTO=""<BR>sSUBJE CT="printer log"<BR>sBODY="Is there a paper jam? " & request("paperjam") & vbcrlf & "Comments: " & request("jamtext") & vbcrlf & "Did the printer go off the server? " & request("offserver") & vbcrlf & "Comments: " & request("printertext") & vbcrlf & "My opinion of printer stability: " & request("stability") & vbcrlf & "System Comments: " & request("systemcomment") & vbcrlf & "Printer out of toner: " & request("toner") & vbcrlf & "Tonertext: " & request("tonertext") & vbcrlf & "Other maintenance: " & request("other") <BR>If Subnet &#060;= 94 AND Subnet &#062;= 80 Then <BR> IF PAGE = "SEND" THEN<BR> CALL objMAIL(sNAMEFROM, sFROM, sNAMETO, sTO, sSUBJECT, sBODY) <BR> Call PrintSent<BR> Else <BR> Call PrintForm<BR> End if<BR>Else <BR> Call PrintDenied<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>p.s.- also, as of now whenever the form is submitted it gets sent as an email. is there a way i can use if...then statement so that the form is ONLY mailed when a certain value is chosen from a select drop down menu?? thanks for the help everyone i am still learning!!