This is a long one, so if you have the patience please read on...<BR><BR>I have a question concerning how to access OnEditCommand, OnUpdateCommand, and OnCancelCommand Subs from within a dynamic &#039;TemplateColumn&#039; datagrid. Let me explain...<BR><BR>I have a DataGrid called &#039;Teams&#039;. Within the &#039;Teams&#039; datagrid, I have a TemplateColumn reserved for a &#039;Players&#039; nested datagrid. When the &#039;OnItemDataBound&#039; property is called from the Teams DataGrid, the Players DataGrid is created on the fly in the code-behind. <BR><BR>When the Players DataGrid is created, it&#039;s properties are set in this format: <BR><BR>Players.Width = Unit.Percentage(100)<BR>etc....<BR><BR>But when I try to set OnEditCommand, OnUpdateCommand, and OnCancelCommand the same way, it doesn&#039;t work. For example:<BR><BR>Players.OnEditCommand = "Players_Edit"<BR><BR>(Players_Edit is the name of my sub that does the editing). Does not work when calling a sub the same way it does when setting a property. So my question is, how can I tell this templated Players datagrid to call the correct subrouting when someone attempts to edit, update, or cancel?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.