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    Default Anyone every encountered this?

    I am receiving some strange behavior and am curioius to see if anyone has ever encountered this....<BR><BR>I wrote a script that allows a user to log into a website. This runs against a huge database of ids and passwords. It also grabs a user&#039;s rights for a particular site from another database. All of the databases used and the procedures used to access them were taken from other sites that already use this kind of login (Basically, all of this stuff has been in use for a long time and is throughly tested). The login is a complicated mess which allows a site to be unprotected but includes thew login script from a directory under SSL. The passing of variables between them is done under a complicated encryption method designed by a very senior and talented programmer.<BR><BR>Basically, the login script and associated includes, which tally several thousand lines of asp code, have been tested throughly on our prodcution servers which run IIS 4.0. The SSL certificates where in place and everything worked fine. I then moved this script to another server which my unit does not control. It runs IIS 5.0 and has some sort of mocked up certificate on it. This serverr is a development server for the unti where I am moving the site to. IT works here as well.<BR><BR>Finally, when I moved the script to its final destination, a server rnning II 5.0 with a true SSL certificate on the required directories, it does not work. The page only coems up after numerous reloads and once you click submit it never does anything. Unfortunately, I cannot gain access to the configuration of the machine it is running on. I am assured the setup is correct but I am hesitant. Does anyone see anything that stands out in what I said that might cause this situation to occur? I am very stuck and appreciate any help that people can offer. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Great story, loved the last chapter ! (eop)


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    Default lmfao


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