When using the FileScriptingObject to access files on the server&#039s physical<BR>drives from an ASP page I have no problems. However, even though every book<BR>I&#039ve read on the subject says I can access mapped network drives, or even<BR>use the UNC convention of \serversharname, I can&#039t get it to work, and I<BR>get an error stating that the folder or file object couldn&#039t be created. I<BR>know I&#039m using the correct code, because I can get to the files on the C:,<BR>D:, E: and F: drives, which are local physical drives.<BR><BR>Anyone else had this experience?<BR><BR>Steve Taylor<BR>steve.taylor@algx.com<BR>sjtaylor@flash. net<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>